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The Minuto Game

Minuto Meeting

For a better understanding of how to issue, use and accept Minutos we recommend to play the Minuto Game.

It is pretty simple:

  1. Invite a small group of 4 to 15 people.
  2. Everyone writes their name, contact information (address, phone) and their own service offerings on an offer form which you can download from our other templates page.
  3. The participants read out their offers.
  4. Then empty Minuto vouchers are handed out which you can download from our downloads page.
  5. Half to two-thirds of the group now issues Minutos by filling the vouchers (without stamp, date and signature, only with the first name). The other participants do not issue Minutos. This gives the understanding that not everyone has to create Minutos in order to participate.
  6. Accordingly, the guarantors fill in their first name in the issuer field (without stamp, date and signature).
  7. Now a stack of small slips of paper representing goods and services.
  8. As soon as people start trading, they give a slip of paper to the 'customer' for each sale for which they get Minutos, noting the product or service traded.
  9. After a while, everyone should have some of these slips in their hands about the things he/she could afford.
  10. In a final round, everyone reports on their own experience.
  11. If there is interest in using Minuto in real life, the completed offer forms can be collected to discuss further steps.


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